JMC Aggregate compiles, consolidates and creates artistic content for display.
Started in 2010 at The Silent Barn. Since expanded.
All-ages. Reasonably priced. Well-curated.
If you have a problem w/ me call my mom.

What's going on?

Upcoming Releases

"Organechs" cassette series featuring Trabajo, Cigarette, Palm, Palberta, Big Neck Police and the Sediment Club.


"Organechs" record release at Shea Stadium on June 12th. Buy tickets here.


Whenever I'm Finished by Alaina Stamatis w/ Am Schmidt is out  as well as the reprint of 1000 Band Names.

Post Definitely

Episode 2 w/ Mitski.


Jordan Michael Iannucci. Twenty-six year old male wrestling fan from the Hudson Valley now living in Manhattan, just like on TV. I used to just book shows, but now I publish books and music. I guess I'm a writer and a documentarian now. None of this is official. I got kicked out of Bennington College for chopping down trees.

Founding member of the new incarnation of The Silent Barn. Former Editorial Director of Showpaper. Founder of the DiTKO! Zine Library.


You can email me or mail my stuff.
603 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

If you have any general complaints about how I do business or me as a person that is my mother's real phone number on the top of the page and she is very open to criticism of me.