From THE SUBJECT - a new comic by Rachel Masilamani on MUTHA Magazine.

This is the second chapter in NON PARTUM, serializing on MUTHA. Please read it, share it, and be as amazed and lucky as I am to have found Rachel’s work. 

I have never seen Rachel Masilamani’s work before today. I am hard pressed to think of a feeling better than discovering an artist who is so well-defined without having ever been aware of them previously; it is like meeting your best friend for the first time.

Masilamani’s characters glow. They’re radiant with personality and emotion in a way that is realistic but resistant to realism. It’s cartooning at it’s best.


The Last Saturday by Chris Ware.

A brand new graphic novella by the award-winning cartoonist Chris Ware, tracing the lives of six individuals from Sandy Port, Michigan, published in weekly episodes. A new instalment will appear on this Guardian’s page every Saturday.

Got to remind myself to check this out when it isn’t 7 in the morning.