tonite @ 603^: Friends Live #1 taping w/ Band Practice + Catherine Cohen + gobbinjr

Live taping of a new split cassette from Band Practice & Catherine Cohen.
Saturday, March 26th @ 603^
8pm - 603 Bushwick Ave, in the apartments of Silent Barn.

Hey! If you are getting this email Catherine or Jeanette or I want you to come to the taping of their new split cassette that I am releasing this summer! One side is music. One side is comedy! The show is free and alcohol is provided.

When is stuff happening?
8pm - show up
8:30pm - gobbinjr (solo)
9:15pm - Catherine Cohen
10pm - Band Practice

Things you should bring!
alcohol - There will be free (but limited) beer & whiskey provided, but if you prefer drinking good stuff opposed to swill feel more than entitled to bring your own.
a pillow - Only if you want, because sitting rules.
a friend - Know someone who might want to come to this? Let me know when you RSVP. Space is limited, but in the case that 

Is this going to be a lot of fun?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure! Definitely seems like it!

Aggregate Distro

I publish comics, music and art books, and so far the biggest problem I have encountered in small & independent publishing is distribution. Starting last fall I began collecting information on every store I could find that sells independent media. Their name. Where they are. Their websites. Email addresses. Phone numbers. What they sell (in the most general sense). Now I have this list of over 1,200 book stores, comic stores and record shops in the United States, and I’m making it available for both public use in hopes that we can work together to find a collective solution. We got all this stuff made, and now what?

On top of the spreadsheet there is a form where you can add information, correct information or throw in general suggestions. If this is something you have a lot to say on the topic please email me at

I think this spreadsheet is useful, but by no means do I view it as a solution. It is the first of four questions that I hope will lead to a larger more useful way to self-distribute.

1. Who & where are the stores?

That is this spreadsheet. Who are our allies? Where are they? How do we contact them?

2. What do these stores sell? What are they like?

Are they record stores that also sell comics? Are they used bookstores that sell some small press? Are they mainstream comic stores that will sell some zines on consignment? Is it a large chain of record stores based out of DC that has one buyer for all of their stores?

We need to track of all of this information on a spreadsheet in a way that is clean and easily searchable.

3. How do I market my art to these stores?

So we know what these stores are like, but how do we know they will like us? How do we know if we will like them? Really, what we need is a matchmaking service from artists and publishers to stores. Nobody benefits from unsold records and books sitting on shelves.

4. Vibes: what are they?

Questions 1, 2 and 3 come together in a way that works for artists and works for stores. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I want to figure it out.